Open Invited Tracks

The topic of an Open Invited Track should fall within the scope of the congress and address specific, well defined issues. Open invited tracks have no upper limit on the number of papers but only those having gathered more than five accepted papers will be part of the final conference program. Contributions to open invited tracks can be either regular papers (6-8 pages length) or Extended abstracts (short paper of 2-4 pages length, they will not be published in IFAC PapersOnLine, they will only appear in the congress preprints). The organizers can contribute a survey paper (up to 12 pages) to the open invited track. Organizers are expected to solicit contributions. Additionally, the track proposal is advertised on the IFAC 2020 website leaving open the possibility for anyone to contribute.

Submission of Open Invited Track Proposals

Open invited track organizers need to submit an open invited track proposal via papercept as early as possible and no later than September 15th, 2019. It that needs to include:

  • a title for the open invited track,
  • an abstract,
  • the choice of an IFAC technical committee  for the organization of the reviewing process (via the choice of the first keyword). If the topic is of interest for multiple technical committees, the proposers should note this in the proposal. In this case the IPC chairs will try to assign technical editors from multiple technical committees to handle the reviewing process.

  • a detailed description of the topic.

  • The proposal can be completed by an Internet link to some additional material.

As soon as an Open invited track is submitted, the IPC Chairs will verify the relevance of the submitted topic with respect to the scope of IFAC, and check that it does not cover excessively broad-spectrum topics or topics already covered by previously submitted tracks. After a successful pre-evaluation the organizers obtain an open invited track code. The open invited track together with this code will also be announced on the congress website. Contributors are asked to enter this invited track code when submitting their papers.

The organizers of the open invited track are asked to facilitate and advertise the open invited track, to increase submissions to the open invited track.

By default contributions to open invited tracks are evaluated within the technical area chosen by the track organizer.

Reviewing Process for Open Invited Tracks

Each paper submitted to an open invited track will be individually reviewed. The final open invited track proposals, taking all contributions into account will be also rated as a whole. At the discretion of the program committee, individual papers may be removed from a proposed open invited track and placed in the regular program, and appropriate contributed papers may be moved to the open invited track. Likewise, selected papers from a rejected open invited track may be placed into the regular program.

Presentation Formats for Open Invited Tracks

Open invited tracks can be organized in regular sessions or special interactive sessions. While the organizers can propose a specific format, final decisions are up to the program committee. Open invited sessions can be also split over multiple sessions or distributed between interactive and regular sessions.

For further questions feel free to the international program chairs Rolf Findeisen and Sandra Hirche  via and the invited sessions chair Christian Ebenbauer via