Presentation and Screencast Upload

Final submissions are closed. We are currently working on the finalization of the program.

We thank all contributors for submitting their final contributions on time. The IPC team is working hard to finalize the virtual conference program. We will provide detailed informations and a description for the submission of the final presentations/ screencasts soon. Below are some preliminary information:

  • For all contributions the authors are asked to upload a screencast/video of their presentation, as well as a PDF of the presentation slides.
  • The PDF of the presentation slides should not contain videos or any other interactive element.
  • Screencasts/videos for general contributions, extended abstracts, late breaking results, and demonstrators should have a length of 15-17 minutes.
  • The maximum allowable file size is 200MB for screencast/video submission upload. PDFs of presentations should not be longer then 10MB.
  • Suggestions and informations on the recording of the screencasts/videos can be found on the screencast page.
  • The upload of the screencasts/videos will be via papercept.
  • Submission of the screencasts/videos and PDFs of the presentations via papercept will open on June 1th, it will close on June 7th.

Final Paper Submission Instructions

In the following we outline the instructions for the final submissions, which apply to all accepted contributions. Your final manuscript must be submitted via papercept.

The deadline for the final submission was 16 May 2020 (23:59 US Pacific time). Please ensure that

  • the papercept metadata such as title, abstract and author list which you enter is correct and up to date
  • the authors have an up to date and correct affiliation
  • the abstract is formatted nicely without line breaks and special characters and formatting as this information will be included in the program
  • at least one of the authors registered, as an upload code is required which is generated in the registration system using the paper ID

Registration required before final submission

IFAC World Congress policy requires that at least one author of your paper is registered prior to final paper upload. We strongly recommend registering as soon as possible – before the final paper submission deadline as potential problems regarding the registration may affect your ability to upload the final paper in time. Note that the registration system will go online on Mar 11, 2020. The registration system will generate paper specific codes, which you need for the final submissions. Only final submissions of accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and IFAC-PapersOnLine. Please refer to the registration page for more detailed information on the registration procedure and pricing.

Final Version of Your Accepted Papers

The reviews and the comments of the technical associate editor can be found via your PAPERCEPT account. Please take these comments and suggestions carefully into account when preparing the final version of your paper.

The final version is expected to correspond in length and contents to your accepted submission, except for parts that might be added or modified to address the reviewers' comments. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it significantly different than what was reviewed and accepted. In general, the authors list cannot be adjusted in comparison to original submission.

Teaser slide

We also require a so-called teaser slide. Please prepare a one-page PowerPoint slide that summarizes your paper and upload it with the final submission. You may only use the IFAC 2020 Teaser Slide Template. Please do not change the template. Keep fonts and font sizes as prepared in the template.

The teaser slide will be used to better promote your work during the conference. Therefore, it should contain the key message of your paper in a condensed manner. If suitable, add a figure / diagram to communicate the main messages in a visually attractive way.

Initial Submission Instructions

Submission Site

All submissions must be in PDF format, written in English, and prepared according to IFAC format. Papers and all other proposals must be submitted electronically using the IFAC conference manuscript management system: 


On the conference manuscript management webpage scroll down to  "IFAC 2020".

Submission Instructions

Step 0: Preparation of your manuscript

All submissions must be written in English, and prepared according to IFAC format. Tools are provided for managing formatting issues. For the page limits see the different contribution formats in Step 1.

Step 1: Selecting type of submission

When submitting a contribution to IFAC 2020 World Congress you are first asked for the type oft contribution. The following table summarizes the various types of contributions and their main characteristics. You can find further details under the call for papers.

Page limits
Page limits
final submissions
(without add.
 page fees)
Absolut page
limits final 


Contributed paper 868IFAC-PapersOnLine20 Nov 2019
Contributed extended
444Preprints only20 Nov 2019
Invited session paper 868IFAC-PapersOnLine20 Nov 2019
Invited session extended
444Preprints only20 Nov 2019
Invited session survey
141214IFAC-PapersOnLine20 Nov 2019
Open invited track
868IFAC-PapersOnLine20 Nov 2019
Open invited track
extended abstract 
444Preprints only20 Nov 2019
Open invited track
survey paper 
141214IFAC-PapersOnLine20 Nov 2019
Demonstrator paper868IFAC-PapersOnLine20 Nov 2019
Demonstrator extended
444Preprints only20 Nov 2019
Tutorial & Workshop 
4XXX14 Dec 2019
Late breaking results444Preprints only28 Feb 2020


Note that everybody can submit a contribution to an open invited tracks. Have a look at the list of proposed open invited track topics.  If you feel your contribution fits a topic, select 'open invited track paper' as submission type and use the track code at the second step of submission.

Step 2: Providing submission informations

At the second step you are asked to provide the following information

  • Title of the contribution
  • The authors
  • The theme (among the 9 IFAC technical areas)
  • A list of keywords associated to the selected theme. You find here a list of the keywords classified by the technical area and technical committees. Evaluation will a priori be done by the technical committee associated to the 1st keyword.
  • The category of presentation among Regular, Interactive, Demonstrator (see here about the categories)
  • The abstract of the contribution

By default, contributions to Open Invited Tracks are evaluated within the technical area chosen by the track organizer. In case of contributions to Open Invited Tracks that have a multi-area nature, the authors can suggest different keywords for evaluation. To do so please send an email to specifying (a) the contribution identification number and the Open Invited Track code; (b) the ordered list of three keywords, see here for a  list of the keywords . The IPC may then reassign the submission to the appropriate Technical Committee for the reviewing process.

Step 3: Submitting and uploading the manuscript

At the third and final step, you are asked to upload your contribution. It needs to fulfill the format constraints (see Step 0).