Tutorial sessions should inform conference participants in a tutorial style about the foundations and the state of the art in specific areas of interest to the IFAC community. Particularly welcomed are timely topics in emerging research directions and exposed by experts from academia and industry. All proposals for tutorials should be supported by at least one of IFAC’s Technical Committees. 

Tutorial sessions are organized as two hour slots during the week of the conference and in alignment with the topical days, if appropriate. They should comprise a lead presentation to introduce the audience to the specific subject and be accompanied by up to five presentations which elaborate on diverse aspects of the session’s theme in more detail.

After acceptance of a tutorial session, it is desirable that the session speakers submit papers (of up to 6 pages) which cover the topics of the presentations; this can include a survey paper (of up to 12 pages).  These papers will be subject to reviewing. 

The structure of a tutorial session should be aligned with regular conference sessions, which permits to include presentations that last 20 or 40 minutes. A session should consist of at least 3 and at most 6 talks. 

Submission of Tutorial Proposals

Proposers of tutorials need to submit a tutorial session proposal via the papercept system as early as possible and no later than December 14, 2019. It needs to include:

  • a title for the tutorial session,

  • an abstract summarizing the topic and goals of the session,

  • a list of the scheduled presentations and authors and how they fit into the overall theme,

  • for each individual presentation a title, an abstract, the name of the authors, and its length,

  • an indication about which presentation will be accompanied by a paper,

  • the name and number of the supporting IFAC Technical Committee. Organizers should contact the the chair of the Technical Committee before submitting the proposal. 

A maximum of 7 tutorials will be included in the conference program. The IPC will decide about acceptance of the tutorial proposal, based on reviewing all proposals concerning their relevance for the congress and the suitability of the proposed structure and presentations. 


After the acceptance of a tutorial session, the session contributors are requested to submit individual papers related to the respective presentations as appearing in the proposal. The submitted papers may contain a survey paper of up to 12 pages.  All authors should follow the regular conference guidelines for preparing and submitting papers. Each of these papers will undergo a rapid reviewing process. Only accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings as well as in IFAC-PapersOnLine. Neither the submission of a paper nor its acceptance are prerequisites for the inclusion of the respective talk in the tutorial session. Authors are asked to submit the related papers as soon as possible after acceptance of a tutorial session, but no later than January 31, 2020

For further questions feel free to contact the tutorial sessions chair Carsten Scherer tutorials@ifac2020.org or the international program chairs Rolf Findeisen and Sandra Hirche  via  ipc@ifac2020.orand .