Late Breaking Results

Late results contribution promote the presentation of recent research results. Please note that

■ Late breaking results will not be published in IFAC PapersOnLine.

■ During final submission (after acceptance) the authors can decide whether

  • the 2-4 pages manuscript should appear in the congress preprints. The preprints will be clearly marked and will contain the note “late breaking result”. Authors might consider additional self-archiving, e.g., via arXiv. In this case the archived contribution needs to contain the note that the contribution was presented as a late-breaking result at the IFAC WC 2020. The authors retain their copyright under a Creative Commons License.
  • or whether only the title, authors and abstract (<=2000 characters) should appear in the conference program.

■ In either case a 2-4 pages manuscript is needed for the rapid reviewing process and to decide about acceptance.

Note that you may also submit "Demonstrator Late Breaking Results". Demonstrator contributions are thought to promote research or educational oriented devices, innovative prototypes and attractive transfer of technologies towards high-tech enterprises. Demonstrators expose some prototype or pedagogical device to be presented at dedicated exhibitions. If an experimental demonstration is infeasible, then also videos of the experimental setup are accepted. Demonstrators will be presented at special demonstrator sessions similar to interactive sessions but with additional space if required. Demonstrator Late Breaking Results will not be published in IFAC PapersOnLine.