The IFAC World Congress is the 21st IFAC Congress. It will be the first completely virtual World Congress. The organization team currently finalizes the details. Here are some preliminary informations:

The Virtual IFAC World Congress will consist of the following main components:

  • The Virtual Sessions, structured in tracks and sessions. The presentations of these sessions will be made available for individual download as pre-recorded screencasts/videos and the PDF's of the presentations.
  • The Global Live Track on the days of the congress. During the global live track pre-recorded screencasts/videos of the opening and closing of the congress, awards, plenary, semi-plenary, as session discussing use of modeling and systems theory to understand corona, tutorials, competitions, and a live part of the demonstrator contributions will be streamed. This will be complemented by live streaming of discussions, question sessions, and roundtables.
  • Virtual Social Events: We plan for a series of live social events. Please stay tuned for further details.
  • Workshops: will be held on Saturday 11th before the congress. They will consist of pre-recorded videos/screencasts and live events.

The Virtual Sessions as well as the Global Live Track are structured and reflect the conference topics:

  • Artificial intelligence and control
  • Digitalisation Inudstry 4.0 and the changing working world
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Sustainable green energy and resource supply
  • Quality of life and health care.  

To make the Virtual IFAC World Congress a success:

  • all contributors are asked to upload screencast/videos and pdf files for their presentations before the virtual events. These presentations can be individually downloaded and will be archived and made available for download (if the contributors agree) after the congress. Details can be found on the presentation upload page.
  • to facilitate discussions we aim to provide forums/discussion boards for all contributions/virtual sessions, so that participants can discuss the contributions virtual.