The 7th F1/10 Autonomous Grand Prix

Organizers and contact

Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania,

Madhur Behl, University of Virginia,

Marko Bertogna, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia,

Paolo Burgio, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia,

Houssam Abbas, Oregon State University,

Venkat Krovi , Clemson University,

Matthew O'Kelly, University of Pennsylvania,

For any questions regarding the competition, please contact one of the organizers.


Build a 1/10-scale autonomous race car and compete against the best! The F1/10 Autonomous Grand Prix is a battle of algorithms: for each competition, teams use the same hardware to build an autonomous race car capable of speeds up to 50mph. To win the race, the teams have to have the better perception, planning and control algorithms, and robust implementations that can deal with the uncertainties of a new track and new competitors. Detailed parts list and build instructions are available at - check it out!

Races are conducted over two days: a Practice Day and a Race Day, and fall in two categories:

  • Time laps: one car on the track for a fixed amount of time. The winner strikes a balance of most collision-free laps and fastest lap.
  • Head-to-head: two cars on the track for a fixed number of laps. The car that completes its laps first wins!

We are also having an Open class, in which the team can use whatever hardware they wish. Teams with Open class cars compete along with everyone else, but results for the Open class are separate from the above, “Standard” class. A team can field cars in both classes.

This will be the 7th edition of F1/10 Autonomous Grand Prix. Over the past 4 years, we have had teams from academia, industry and individuals, from North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Anyone can participate! Just bring your car, a need for speed, and have fun!

Further information

Please find further information here:

Information specific to the 2020 IFAC World Congress edition will be available under this link closer to the day.