Robotic manipulation: mechatronic tools, modeling, identification and control


  • Mourad Benoussaad
  • Mathieu Grossard
  • Micky Rakotondrabe


  • Fabio Ruggeiro, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
  • Markus Grebenstein, DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, Germany
  • Arash Ajoudani, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy
  • Mathieu Grossard, Commisariat de l'Energie Atomique Paris, France
  • Mourad Benoussaad, National School of Engineering in Tarbes, France
  • Chee Pin Tan, Monash University, Malaysi
  • Micky Rakotondrabe, National School of Engineering in Tarbes, France


The objective of this workshop is to give an overview of issues and current techniques in robotic manipulation and grasping. We focus here on manipulation devices composed of robotic arms and/or multifingered gripper to perform assembly tasks, to handle tools, to manipulate versatile objects (biological or not) and to interact with humans. There are several possible applications; such as automotive industry, cobotics, medical (surgery and assistance), watch industry...
The presenters of the workshop will present innovative techniques to ensure an efficient and robust robotic manipulation and grasping task covering several complementary needed aspects such as mechanism design, mechatronics, modelling, parameters estimation and control. The aim is to exchange expertise on mechatronic tools, modeling, identification and control used in robotic manipulation tasks and to initiate collaborations between researchers of robotics manipulation community. The workshop is a half-day workshop.


  • Nonprehensile Dynamic Manipulation
  • Mechatronic tools and robotic hardware for manipulation task
  • Human-robot co-manipulation based on human measurements
  • Robust control for manipulation and grasping
  • Force control for human-robot interaction and co-manipulation
  • State estimation for hand-based manipulation and grasping
  • Smart materials based mechatronic systems for robotic manipulation