Sponsorship Opportunities

The  IFAC  World  Congress  offers the complete view of control and  automation including  the theory, technology and  application.  The  headline  Automatic Control  Meeting Societal Chal- lenges emphasizes the deep impact automation is expected to have on our society. About 3,000 academics  and  professionals  of various  disciplines  will attend the World  Congress.  Advanced technology and  up-to-date research  will be presented, attracting theorists, engineers and  stu- dents working in the broad  field of automation and control. Automation can only be successful, if first-class theory and sustainable applications in produc- tion, products and services are linked closely. Therefore it is one of the important aims of IFAC to strengthen cooperation of industry and science. Germany, hosting the 21th World Congress, is proud  of its  automation industry and  therefore will actively contribute to bridge  the gap between theory and practice, frequently discussed by IFAC. By sponsoring,  companies,  institutions  and  organizations can benefit  from exposure  to about 3.000 delegates.  There  is a broad  range of possibilities  to support the 21th World  Congress. Stay up-dated about the possibilities!


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