Congress Dinner

The congress dinner will be held at the Arena Berlin ( on July 15th. The Arena Berlin is a former industrial complex consisting of several listed heritage buildings. It is situated at the river Spree, about 3 km from the congress hotel.  The Arena Berlin complex consists of (1) a large hall, which will host most of the congress dinner, (2) the “Glashaus”, and (3) the “Badeschiff", which will also be reserved for the participants of the congress dinner.

The hall, with 6.500 square meters, was built in 1927 as a depot for buses owned by the city of Berlin. At the time of construction, it was the largest cantilever hall in Europe. The neighboring 850 sqm “Glashaus" will be used to complement the congress dinner and will host bars and live music. It also faces the river Spree and the Flutgraben, another one of Berlin's many canals.

Interestingly, the Berlin wall went right through this building. The complex also includes an open space and the famous “Badeschiff” on the river Spree. The latter is a harbored barge functioning as a floating swimming pool.

Arena Berlin - Impressions

Arena Berlin - Image Film