Accessing the Virtual Congress Hall

Registered participants have received a personal access code and access link to the email address that they used for the registration to IFAC-V 2020. If you have not registered for the Congress previously, please go to the Registration page. Note that all (co-)authors of a paper have to register separately, if they would like to participate in IFAC-V 2020.

Go to Virtual Congress Hall

After clicking the link Go to Virtual Congress Hall button or the link in your access code email, you will reach the following login page:

Please enter your personal access code and click the "Personal login" button. In case you can't find or forget your access code, you may have it resent to your email address by clicking the "Resend access code" link. Make sure that you use the email address that you used when registering for IFAC-V 2020.

In case you have trouble with your access code or experience any other problem in the Virtual Congress Hall, please consult our FAQ page or contact our Helpdesk.

After logging in with your personal access code, you will reach the IFAC-V 2020 Congress Lobby, the central entry point for the Congress:

All Congress components can be accessed by clicking on the blue arrows and circles . The main features are:

  • Global Live Track, where the plenaries, semi-plenaries, tutorials, panels, demonstrators, and competitions will be streamed live,
  • Technical Program, which contains all contributions with video presentations, paper download, and links to the discussion forums.

Please visit our exhibitors and sponsors at their booths in the exhibition space. In addition, the Virtual Congress Hall offers information about the daily agenda, the keynote speakers, the social events, organizers, awards, and information flyers of upcoming conferences. You will also be able to experience a virtual Berlin tour!

For a more detailed introduction to all features, we prepared an IFAC-V 2020 Virtual Congress Hall Guide (PDF file):



Instructions for Session (Co-)Chairs
Your duties as Session (Co-)Chairs

Your duty as Session Chairs and Co-Chairs starts on Monday, July 13, with the opening of the Virtual Congress Hall.

As a Session (Co-)Chair, you are responsible for initiating and moderating the discussion in the forums for the session and for each contribution within your session. Since all regular contributions can be watched any time between July 13 and November 30, we ask you to check the forums of the session you chair and its contributions regularly during the Congress week. Furthermore, we ask you to start the discussion by asking questions for each contribution in your session. Ideally, there should be at least one question for each contribution to get the discussions started. In the following screenshots, you can see where to post comments and questions on the topic of your session and its contributions:

Finally, we ask you to mediate any conflicts. In case of a serious conflict (which is unlikely), please contact the Helpdesk via the Slack channels or by email.

Finding your session

You can find the sessions you agreed to chair or co-chair by navigating to “Technical Program”, then to “Authors”, and searching for your name.

You will find the forum of a session by navigating to the session and clicking on “Session Forum”, see the first picture above. In addition, each contribution has its own forums section, which you can enter by clicking on “Contribution Forum”, as shown in the second picture above.

Please disregard any time slot information for regular sessions on Papercept, which had to be created for technical reasons only. Remember that there is no schedule for regular sessions, as these can be attended at any time.